What are the Sidewinders?

Welcome to the realm of The SideWinders, a cycling team inspired by the agility and precision of the sidewinding snake. With our swift maneuvers and relentless determination, we slither through challenges and conquer the roads. Join us on our journey as we leave a trail of triumph and inspiration in our wake. #SlitherToSuccess 🚴‍♂️🐍

Tenacious Determination

With an unwavering determination akin to the sidewinder's relentless pursuit, your team never backs down from any cycling challenge, continuously striving for excellence and achieving new heights in the cycling world.

Unmatched Agility

Like the sidewinding snake, your team exhibits unmatched agility on the roads, swiftly navigating through challenges and tight spots with precision and finesse.

Resilient Team Spirit

The SideWinders embody a strong and resilient team spirit, supporting and motivating each other to push beyond limits and conquer every cycling terrain with unity and determination.

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2024 US MTB Series

We are thrilled to share that The SideWinders, our spirited and dedicated cycling team, is gearing up for an exhilarating journey in the highly anticipated US MTB series. With our history of resilience and commitment Read more…

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